Life is an adventure to be lived.  So, we decided to take our life on the road to live it!  We rented out our house, sold and/or donated most of our “stuff” and bought a used truck and fifth wheel.  Together,  we are experiencing American History, geography, nature and people as we roadschool the kids, work remotely, pick up various temp. jobs  and volunteer our time and services to organizations we feel passionate about. 

We invite family, friends, gypsies, tramps and thieves to follow us on our  journey via this blog…..


okay, maybe not the thieves


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It’s been about seven weeks since we left The Golden State, but I honestly started feeling the pangs of leaving immediately after crossing the state line.  I’m pretty sure that it’s not the traffic congestion, high gas prices, outrageous camping fees, the gangster neighborhood we did our laundry in or the constant thought of earthquakes … Continue reading Californication

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