Life is an adventure to be lived.  So, we decided to take our life on the road to live it!  We rented out our house, sold and/or donated most of our “stuff” and bought a used truck and fifth wheel.  Together,  we are experiencing American History, geography, nature and people as we roadschool the kids, work remotely, pick up various temp. jobs  and volunteer our time and services to organizations we feel passionate about. 

We invite family, friends, gypsies, tramps and thieves to follow us on our  journey via this blog…..


okay, maybe not the thieves


49 thoughts on “Home

  1. it’s amazing how u have it together… it’s been a joy meeting u and hope to keep in contact with u… ur blog is wonderful …. good job.. merry Christmas to ur family…..

  2. Hey guys been following on F/B. Just keep thinking how awesome you are. I will follow suit in about 14 more years. Good luck and love you guys.. Chad

  3. I think this is an amazing journey that you guys are taking and especially the fact that you are taking it as a family which makes it even more better. I wish your family the best of luck and have the funnest time.

  4. Hey River, I just joined your special club………….. Yellow Jackets stung me twice while mowing the lawn………. I forgot.

  5. Ok, so you guys pulled out of White Rock Drive yesterday and I immediately felt a little sad. We’ll miss you guys… and I know for sure that Nike will be missing Daisy. Started reading your blog today and I must say that I do believe this will be a great adventure and a wonderful learning experience for your family. Please stay safe & stay in touch… I’ll be following you via your blog until you return.

    Hugs… Tracey, Pete & Brittini

  6. Tanya,

    You and your family are an inspiration to all!

    Good for you for choosing to live your lives the way “you” want to and not the way others dictate. “You’ll never understand a person until you walk a mile in their shoes”.

    Walk proud and travel safely! Evan, Elyssa, Pete and I will follow your travels with admiration.

    See you around the Blue Burrito before you leave. 🙂

    Cathy, Pete, E & E

  7. What a great story! I think the decision to give your kids this experience is commendable and probably something they will thank you for later in life, if not 100x’s along the way! Best to you all and kudos for following your hearts!!

  8. Thank You for inviting us along!!
    will be thrilled to check in on your trip. Really miss you in the ol’ neighborhood. (So nice to know you’re just a thought away any day ; )
    Much Love to each and all!!!OXOXOX!!!
    (a few extra Rub Loves to Daisy from Woody too )
    Peace and Many Prayers

  9. You are all AWESOME! I envy your free spirits. I hope the kids keep a paper/pencil journal of your adventures! Hugs to “The River” and Mercy from the Tremblay’s.

  10. Love the blog! So excited for you guys to get started on your adventure. We’ll keep sending positive house-selling vibes your way!

  11. I can’t wait to be following your journey on this blog. Hope the house sells for you soon so you can get under way. I think what you are doing is wonderful. I’ll be living vicariously through you all. Wish I was brave enough to do the same – I am hoping to do something similar with retirement though 🙂

  12. Tanya…the girl I remember going to high school with was a fun loving, warm hearted, wonderful little girl…Such a gentle soul (unless holding a golf club..heh). The kind of a person that welcomed all.

    Seeing your plans, your family…it makes me so happy for you. Having gone through serious health issues with my family, I understand living life to the fullest. You really “get it” when it comes to living.


  13. This is great…I wish I could buy your house so as to help you get out on the road sooner. Have faith, it will all happen someday.

  14. bri, tan, riv and mercy,
    what a wonderful adventure for you all.
    you are the innovators of a new learing ex-
    periences for the ages. wish we had your
    spirit and courage.
    happy trails and love,
    pappy and noni

  15. WOW, what an incredible site, and what a wonderful gift to give to all us that are only going on this journey with you from our living rooms.

    I am so excited for you, Bri, River and Mercy to begin your adventure. You all will continue to enrich your lives through this experience. You and Bir are giving River and Mercy a gift that not many parents do. My hat is off to the two of you.

    Thank you for allowing us, your friends, to be voyeurs into this wonderful adventure!

  16. I hope you are able to start your adventure soon!!! It will be such an amazing experience one that will create numerous memories for you and your kids.

  17. I think the theme of your new road trip should be, “In Search of…..Alan, Shady and Shadow” Good luck and tell him I said “Hi”!

  18. Wishing you the best of luck. From your Rennaisance wedding to 2010, you are a constant topic of conversation. Can’t wait to hear what the future brings.
    Love, Linda & Dan

  19. I can’t wait to follow you in your travels. I’m excited and envious of all the wonderful adventures you’re going to have. The website is a fabulous idea!

  20. The Dunn Doers,
    Great site. Can’t wait to read about all your adventures. May the force be with you all! Now someone please buy the house, so we can live thru these people’s adventures.

  21. If you make it through sunny NC, look me up Tanya!!! I’m completely jealous that you guys are able to do this. One of my girlfriends just wrapped up a summer long trip with her 3 boys, doing the exact same thing. She blogged along the way too, btw. The pics (and experiences) were amazing. Can’t wait to follow your adventures.

  22. Tanya, It really sounds like the adventure of a lifetime! We can’t wait to see where the open road leads you to…. I plan on having my 5th grade class follow you guys, as well. What better way for them to learn about the USA:)

  23. You guys are way too cool! So excited that with every passing day you are getting closer to your dream! BTW, love the peace sign. Did Mercy draw that?

  24. What a wonderful journey you are about to begin. River and Mercy will learn more on this road trip than in a classroom. How would you like a couple of senior citizens cook and clean for you (for food) on the road? Oh, we would have to bring our 2 ShihTzus with us. Looking forward to following your adventure.

  25. You are all very brave, I look forward to following your adventures!
    This gift you are giving your children is priceless….
    Wishing you lots of happiness and moments that take your breath away 🙂

  26. Hello Dunn Family!!! This site is absolutely amazing! I am so envious of your strong/tight-knit/adventurous family! Can’t wait to hear more about everything!!! Oh, and BTW, Idaho is pretty awesome. Would LOVE to see you guys or meet up with you in this neck of the woods!! Lots of Love and Cheery Thoughts are sent your way 🙂

  27. Great blog site guys! Tan and Bri you both are certainly writers. As much as I hate to say it I am just not able in my life right now to do something like this (although I would really love to) but I am extremely excited and looking forward to living vicariously through you 4 and your adventures. Your not gone but I find myself missing all of you already! And by the way I need to know when your near the Grand Canyon, cause I am coming too!

  28. wow, tan! this is the big-tinme!(in my little world!!)
    nice pics, nice bios, links, etc. i love it all!
    now, about selling that house…

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