The Plan Remains The Same

Many people have been asking us if we’re still going on our trip. The answer is still YES!  Some say we’re crazy, some say we’re dreaming. I say YES to both…….passionately excited about our aspirations!  It was exactly one year ago that we put our house on the market and envisioned ourselves somewhere on the westcoast by now.  So we’re a little behind schedule. Wait a minute….isn’t one of our reasons for doing this not to have to be on any sort of schedule?  In hindsight, it’s a blessing that we weren’t half way across the country during the past 6 months. Let’s just say that River had some unfinished business with some of his favorite medical professionals here in Maine.  But now we’re not messing around. Time is of the essence as we watch our children grow so unbelievably fast. And let’s be real. As cool as Bri and I are, they’re not gonna want to be with the ‘rents 24/7 in their later teen years.


2 thoughts on “The Plan Remains The Same

  1. Its funny, I can’t remember who it was the other day asked me if you guys were still planning your trip, and I simply said, that if you guys said you were going to do it, that you would, maybe not today, tomorrow or next year but it would happen, and I believe it whole heartedly! Love you guys!

  2. hey,
    you do remember vacationing with pj and brendan in n.c.?—they always
    wanted to hang with great family and friends,- and how old were they?!—you have nothing to worry about—you are the coolest!!– and your kids will
    always want to be a part of that magic!! i know i do!
    love you all sooo much!

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