Moving Along

Yes friends, the ball is rolling.  After nearly two years of planning we are in the beginning phases of putting it all together. Up until now, we haven’t been able to make big progress. You see, each step in achieving this dream has been, and still is, contingent upon the previous step. It goes something like this….

First and foremost , relieve ourselves of our mortgage. Did we sell our home?  No. But, we did rent it and our mortgage is covered.

Second, and equally as important, receive confirmation that Brian could take his job on the road……YES! (that was quite nerve-racking waiting for that answer)

Third,  pre- approval to finance a truck and fifth wheel RV….. Done!   Not all underwriters could conceive of our plan.  I believe one actually referred to our situation as a bit “sketchy”.

Now that these goals have all been met, that leaves us with two more crucial feats necessary to leave the safe harbors of  THIS home . The first is to acquire a pre-owned 3/4 ton pick up truck with relatively low mileage able to tow upwards of 12-13,000 pounds. The second, being the afore-mentioned 12-13,000 pounds in the form of a 30 ft. fifth wheel with bunks and a slide out.

Once these final two pieces of this “puzzle of subsequent steps” are attained, we can focus on some of the more minor details. To name a few…….the finer points of maneuvering our new home into and out of tricky spots, familiarizing ourselves with road sign language ( particularly height allowances), plumbing (ever see the movie RV?), homeschooling curriculum, travel insurance, travel itinerary, internet coverage plan, what to bring and what not to bring. And of course, the list goes on. Suffice it to say, now that we’ve grasped the reality of our dream,  we have entered the eye of the storm.


7 thoughts on “Moving Along

  1. Brian and Tanya….What a magnificent opportunity for you and your kids! Enjoy every minute of it. We’ll be thinking of you Love you all..Aunt Barbara

  2. Fantastic!! What an amazing experience for your kids and for all of you. I admire your ability to actually do it, I wish you all the best, a great adventure and safe travels. I look forward to the blog updates. If your journey takes you anywhere near Virginia, look us up.

  3. If two 60-year-old cancer surviving widows can quit their jobs, sell and/or rent their homes, pack up and move to Paris for a year to an unseen apartment found on the internet, you can live your dream. Our obstacles were different from yours; long term visas, medications, no car, etc. We visited a dozen countries with different languages and it was better than we imagined it could be. Stick to your dream. love, Barbara

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