Don’t Stop Us Now

It all seems surreal. For two years we’ve been dreaming of this time to come and it is finally here. Focus and determination has not come without  anxiety and stress but we’ve done it!  Here’s the update….

Packed up, sold, donated and stored the majority of our belongings (vehicles included, which profited us a whopping total of  $1200 for both) and moved out of our home on September 10th.  From there we went to a small, furnished 2BR apartment in downtown Gorham. This turned out to be very convenient as schools and jobs were within walking and biking distance, making the transition from a two vehicle family to a one vehicle family less complicated.   We were successful in finding the tow vehicle we desired which is a 2006 2500HD Chevy Silverado crew cab. It is a gas engine and the mpg isn’t anything to brag about, but after doing the necessary research, weighing the pros and cons of gas vs. diesel, we concluded that the savings were all relative for the amount of time we’d be traveling. Diesel wasn’t within our immediate purchasing budget. We bought from a local car dealership and financed through a small credit union.

At this point, we had relatively 3 weeks to find an RV.  After numerous tedious searches on Craigslist and dealership websites, along with multiple day trips to Northern Maine and New Hampshire, we ended up going with one of the very first ones we looked at. Our new “home” is a 2006 Sportsmen 30 foot 5th wheel bunk house. Complete with generator and screen house, the layout is perfect for our family. We bought locally, from a family owned  RV company and financed through a small local savings bank.

On October 1st we hauled our new home out of the lot and we are now camped out on the property of some very gracious and supportive friends. The decision to spend a month in the RV before journeying out on the road was a very wise one on our part. Being fledgling RVers, we have already had our mishaps. One incident involved some slipping of the hitch at a stop sign and the other, let’s just say…..we now know how to properly use a dump station (ever see the movie RV?). 

Living space is undoubtedly tight and storage is indeed compact. But, we do enjoy each others company and we live pretty simply anyways. The only bummer is that our feline family member Gypsy won’t be joining us. She is in a great home and we will retrieve her when we return.
Now that all of the physical aspects of our trip have been taken care of there was one last major hurdle that needed to be cleared….SCHOOL.  Never having homeschooled before, we discovered that it wasn’t going to be that easy for the kids (mainly River as he is in High School) to receive the necessary accreditation through the Gorham school system when we return. So, we decided to approach teachers and guidance counselors with the possibility of continuing on with their current curriculum during our trip via on-line resources. The positive feedback we received was overwhelmingly encouraging as all were in agreement that this would be a positive educational experience for them.  Of course, the ultimate decision was left to the Principle and going into that meeting was extremely nail-biting. We are happy to announce that even though this has not been done this long-term before, we got the go ahead and River will be taking his school laptop with him.   A big thumbs up to the Gorham public school system!

Our departure date is November 5th, and naturally we are heading South.


15 thoughts on “Don’t Stop Us Now

  1. This is a far cry from summer vacations in Ocean Beach, NJ!
    A journey within a journey, it’s a wonderful thing you’re doing. May the road always rise up to meet you and may the wind always be at your back!

  2. Brian & Tanya. Upper Montclair is probably not on the list of must sees but we’re 12 miles west of NYC with a long driveway if you need a way station. Best of luck with your amazing journey.

  3. As a Mom and a cancer survivor I am truly inspired by your story and your journey. I can’t wait to see all your posts 🙂 Godspeed!!!

  4. Maybe I am mistaken or maybe we are just more alike than I thought. In my mind “just about anyone” would only DREAM of doing what you all are doing. Not a year of my life (before or during marriage or children) did not and does not contain daydreams of “just up and leaving it all behind”…if only for a year or two, to explore the country…or even the world…
    Okay, but realistically, there are probably people who never thought of it, BUT I would wager that MOST people have thought about how cool it would be to do so…perhaps for most, it would be equivalent to an “if I won the lottery, I would…” (Kind of like “It doesn’t really matter because I am never gonna do it anyway…”)
    …..but nonetheless, the thought has entered into their minds… For me? Well, perhaps I have thought about it more than the average person…perhaps in detail, perhaps as much as you guys. The difference? Well, YOU ARE DOING IT! Wow, this is SOOOO TOTALLY COOL (for lack of a better expression). I am so happy and excited for you all on what I truly consider to be a once in a lifetime leap that many will dream of but where few will go. YOU GUYS ARE MY AMERICAN IDOLS…. I CANNOT WAIT TO FOLLOW YOUR STORY AND HEAR ALL ABOUT YOUR AMAZING DREAM COME TRUE! XOXOXO

  5. Tanya, if you’re going to be anywhere near Raleigh, NC let me know! We’d love to give you a home cooked meal or treat you to some BBQ!

  6. Who knows how long our time here on earth will last so if you have an opportunity to go on an adventure like this…why wait. It may be a bit hectic now, but who better to ride this crazy train than the Dunns. This will be the trip of a lifetime and a great learning experience for all (well maybe not Daisy, not sure how much she enjoys road trips). I wish you all the best, safe travels.
    Love Heather

  7. Looks like you have quite a bit of room. Bathroom looks nicer then mine. Do you have a mailing address? Are you coming down here on your way south?
    I want to see your home on wheels.

  8. I am so excited for you guys and I am glad you had the perseverance to make this all happen. Hopefully we will be able to see you when you are this far south. Be safe… love ya.

  9. You guys (collectively as a family of course) are amazing and inspirational. I’ll be following your updates….be well!

  10. You have no idea how envious I am- have room for one more? Good luck and Godspeed on This Fantastic Voyage!


  11. Good Luck!!!! I’m so excited for you all…. and your right about going south. When John and I made our way to Vancouver, B.C. last January we actually had to turn around in South Dakota. And the craziest part of all that was the fact that the locals were all talking about what a nice day it was. Staying away from 90 in the middle of winter is a great idea but head up that way in the spring/summer for sure!

    Good Luck and stop in Denver for a bit!!


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