Greetings From The South

Provost Dungeon, S.C.

Hey everyone, this is River and it’s the first time I have written on the blog.We are in Florida right now and we will be here at least through Christmas. It will be weird having no snow but the warm weather should make up for that. It has cooled down a little bit here. We were in Georgia a few days ago and we heardย  it was colder in the morning there than it was in Maine. It’s not that bad but I hope it gets a little warmer. We have been staying in campgrounds for the last few days and we also stayed in a truck stop where I went and did some of my schoolwork in McDonald’s. It was strange to be hearing all of the different accents, it is very integrated down here. We have also been visiting a lot of cool places. We went to Fort Moultrie and Pulaski. About a week ago we were staying in South Carolina. We arrived in the middle of November and left on the 27th. The place we stayed at was right on the beach and the water was still warm. It’s hard to believe that water in the ocean is warm enough to swim in during November. I have been having a lot of fun and can’t wait to see where we will be going next.

Sullivan's Island S.C.Fort MoultrieFort MoultrieFort Pulaski GAProvost Dungeon

I haven’t put enough details and I need to add more. I’ll start with Fort Moultrie and Pulaski. Fort Moultrie has defended the harbor of South Carolina twice. The first was during the Revolutionary war when they drove off an entire British fleet. Then during the Civil War, it was able to hold back an attack from the Union. Fort Pulaski is located in Georgia outside of Savannah. During the Civil War, the fort was occupied by the Confederacy and was attacked by the Union. Col. Charles H. Olmstead was forced to surrender. The fort somewhat reminds me of a castle. This is mostly due to the fact that it has a moat and you can also walk along the top of the outer wall. It was also very interesting to see the gun batteries and where they stored the gunpowder. During our stay in South Carolina, we also went into Charleston and visited the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon. This is a very historic building. For example it was where the United States Constitution was ratified. The cellar of this building was used as a dungeon which people during the Revolutionary War who opposed the British were imprisoned. For a time it also imprisoned pirates before they were hanged.

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  1. Hey River, My name is Brett and I am looking forward to meeting you when you get to Raleigh! I have a 14 year old daughter Cali and a 10 year old daughter named McKenna. They can’t wait to meet you and hang out.
    This post reminds me of a sailing trip I took down the intercoastal waterway with my parents around the same time of year. I was freaked out by all of the white and peach colored Christmas trees I could see in peoples houses as we motored down the waterway. Got to admit I did get used to swimming in the ocean in the winter pretty quickly though!
    Stay warm and we will see you when you get here! ๐Ÿ™‚ brett

  2. Hey River Its ally I love how you have a picture next to black beard. Really only a couple of people would get why .It sounds like you are having a really fun time We all miss you soo much!!!

  3. Hey river! Glad to hear you’re having a great time! Send me a postcard soon(;
    or at least a letter! (: Even if it is like 4 sentences long. I’d love to get one from you.
    We miss you, and hope you don’t mind but we volunteered you for Aztec sacrifice.. LUCKILY you weren’t there for social studies. We miss you!< 3 Love, Lexi

  4. River,
    I loved your post! Great job. I always wanted to go to Okefenoke(sp?) swamp! I drove cross country for a couple months when I got out of college. I hope to take a summer and take the kids on a similar trip like yours, but only for a couple months! Enjoy every moment of it! I hope you are keeping a personal journal of both the good, bad, and the ugly! It will thoroughly entertain you when you are older with your own children! Love, Mrs. Tremblay

  5. I’m wicked jealous!! You guys rock!! Having fun reading all about your travels. Keep them comming! What a great expirience! Love to you all!~ Moe

  6. River,

    Great post!! Listen to your mom, these blogs are so interesting to those of us following you and I love to hear all about your experiences! Who knows, if you are thoughtful and take time writing them, maybe someday you could form them into a book ๐Ÿ™‚ Just in this entry alone, you taught me many things ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have fun!! Love, Liz

  7. Hey guys!!!! We passed you today as you were heading south on 95 we were heading north!!! Pretty cool!! In Tn. right now will be back in Fl. on Sun. hope to see you all!

  8. hey riv-so nice to hear all about it! would love to see some pics of the okefenokee-sp??
    anyway, glad you’re where we all want to be! somebody’s gotta be there, right?
    have fun-love and hugs to all-a. amy

  9. Hi River!!! We are so excited to read your blog entry !!! Lexie’s immediate response was “I’m so jealous!!!” She was especially wowed by your ability to swim the ocean in November!!!!
    Thank you So much for keeping us updated, and if you could, would you tell us some of the things you have learned along the way ??
    I would be so curious!!!
    Thanks and keep having fun !!!
    love, alice nancy, emily and lexie

  10. hey riv,
    glad to see the new post!
    where, exactly are you, in FL?
    hope it warms up for ya’all!
    keep the blog posts comin’

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