Good Times in Texas

We are currently at a state park in Texas and a few weeks ago we spent the night in a town called Stockyard Stations in Fort Worth. It is a real historic cowboy town with a lot of stores that sell western clothing and items. I bought a $40 hat at one of them and saw some hats that cost $900! There was also a maze that was featured on The Amazing Race. It was a lot harder than I thought and it took me 15 minutes to complete it, but it took Mercy 28.

I could easily picture what it looked like back then; everyone walking around carrying revolvers.

Twice a day they herd cattle called Longhorns down the street. Their horn span is about six feet, I’m not even that tall! There was also a famous gunfight that was going to be reenacted in a few days but we couldn’t stay that long. I was really disappointed about that, but the live rodeo we saw the night before the Superbowl made up for it. It was at the Cowtown Coliseum, site of  the world’s first indoor rodeo. Let me just tell you, I would go to a rodeo over a football game any day. I think they are much more entertaining. They did things like bull riding, cattle roping, and barrel racing. The rodeo clowns were funny, but I don’t think I would want their job, which is trying to get the bull to go after them. The bull riding was my favorite part. It’s hard to believe how they actually hang on, I don’t think I could. Some of the people in the rodeo are only older than me by a few years. There was even someone there who was younger than me.

That night we stayed at a parking lot that allowed overnight parking. There were a lot of people who were part of the rodeo also staying there. It was different, but fun, and I hope to see some more places like that.

8 thoughts on “Good Times in Texas

      1. Wait until you see the jousting at Sherwood Forest. That’s a whole different type of rodeo.

  1. Great job, Riv! I took my son to a rodeo once when he was little … can’t remember where now …. but I do remember it being quite entertaining, so I would agree with you about wanting to see that over a football game – especially when it’s the Pats loosing a superbowl ;( Keep on having fun! Xxo

  2. What an amazing trip you are having! You are one lucky dude to have parents who took a great chance on this extraordinary adventure! BRAVO!

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