No More Deserts


Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

I remember before we left on our trip that I was looking forward to seeing the Southwest. One of the main reasons was the Grand Canyon. Now, I think I’ve seen enough. I was looking forward to spending a few WEEKS out here. NOT a few MONTHS. We stayed in the hot, dry desert since the beginning of April! I get the fact that I’m lucky to be doing this but I honestly couldn’t stay out there any longer. Sure there were really cool places. I loved the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Parks.

Bryce Canyon
Bryce Canyon

The rock formations were amazing, but eventually everything seemed the same. Deserts, rocks, and canyons. I hadn’t seen rain for months. I’d been out there so long that nothing was special anymore. I remember one day when it was around 115 degrees!
But now we are finally out of the dry, dusty desert. I never could have imagined how glad I was to see something green besides a cactus. Don’t get me wrong, the national parks we stayed at were great, but I could never live in Arizona, New Mexico, or Utah. When we got out of the desert and I saw trees and bodies of water, I was so relieved. A few days ago we were staying at a state park were there are waterfalls. Now we are in Rocky Mountain National Park. Finally, everywhere I look there is not dust, dirt, and rock. I like it that way. 

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  1. I totally agree with you. The desert is an awesome place to visit, especially since it’s so different from the East coast. Still, it does get a little tiresome. I remember being disconcerted by the fact that you could see things from so far in every direction, but never actually get to them. At least not without dying from thirst.

    We miss you a ton. Oh, and Nate is going to be at GHS next year, and is very psyched to have you at school with him. Can we assume this will happen at some point!!??? No pressure, though 🙂 Have a great time, Riv. We’re really enjoying the updates. I love picturing you guys every step along the way.

  2. River, I felt the same way when I drove cross country, all the way to California and back…I remember driving back east into Indiana and seeing green and trees and thinking, I could NEVER live in a land where there was no green grass and there were no trees!!!!
    Love reading all about your adventures!!!
    alice, lexie’s mom

  3. My family went there back in the days of Scrappy and I felt exactly the same way River. It is great to see and visit, but to live there, no way! Glad you guys are doing well, keep on truckin’ as the saying goes.

  4. Right about now, I long for hot, dry summer. But I think I agree with you Riv. There a lot of wonderful places to visit in the USA, but when you have been born and raised in the northeast – well? need I say more!! Keep those blogs coming. I miss you all.

    Love, Nana

  5. So glad that you are enjoying Rocky Mountain National Park River and that you have the beautiful waterfalls. I hope before you left the desert you found a way to send some of that HOT SRY air up here to Maine… it’s been raining… and when I say raining I really mean POURING for what feels like forever back here… I WANT SUMMER AND SUNSHINE!!!! =)) Keep enjoying the trip and keep on posting your blogs… I love to read about all your adventures. Hope you’re having the time of your life!!!

    =)) Tracey

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