In the media

Local Newspaper Follow-up Story

LIVE Television Interview

Local newspaper story



4 thoughts on “In the media

  1. OMG Tanya, I was looking at Mercy’s profile and she reminds me of you when we were little. Enjoy your time together and make lot’s of happy memories along the way!
    Kelley Jackson Trempler

  2. Thanks Tracey. We have been experiencing some amazing places, people and opportunities in only 3 months and definitely looking forward to lots more! Say hello to everyone in the ‘hood for us and when we come back we’ll share our travel adventure stories with you guys.

  3. Hey guys… It’s Pete & Tracey. Just wanted to say how much I’m loving reading about your adventure. It sure sounds like you guys are having the experience of a lifetime. We’re really happy that your getting to spend this time together and make these amazing memories. We sure do miss seeing you around. Stay safe and keep on having fun!!

    Hugs… Tracey, Pete & Brit Herring

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