We are…


RUSH fan, concert goer, IPA drinker, D&D Dungeonmaster, sci-fi and fantasy reader, multi-media artist, Halloween costume creator. Looking forward to experiencing the Southwestern Pacific waters and hip, locally owned brew pubs and music stores.  




Nature lover, kale addict, hiker, wine drinker, music fan, concert goer, biography reader. Looking forward to eating local foods, spending time in all of the National parks, partying on the Bayou and seeing concerts on the west coast. 




Green Day fan, actor, hiker, D&D player, superhero fanatic, reader of fantasy series and graphic novels, and Knight of The Magical Moon. Looking forward to The Grand Canyon and Universal Studios, visiting Ghost Towns, and meeting other families on the road. 



“Hunger Games” fanatic, animal lover, artist, actress, D&D player.  Looking forward to being in four states at once, viewing Mount Rushmore, driving through The Redwood Forest, going to the top of The Space Needle, and hanging out in Hollywood.




Lab- Hound mix. Traveler, hiker, hole digger,wild turkey chaser, bone buryer.



12 thoughts on “We are…

  1. Howdy – just subscribed to your blog. We’re another traveling family – currently in TX and probably headed west for the winter. We’ve also been out for about a year and a half all told, and are traveling with a 15 yo boy and a 14 yo girl. Hope to bump into you on the road!

  2. Would you be interested in helping me with some research about R.V. travel? I’m writing a novel (have one chidren’s book published) about a family who is hitting the road for a year. sherryrossman.com

  3. Hunter cannot wait to meet Daisy! And Mercy the Space Needle is really cool! then you have to throw some fish at the market!

  4. Saw you all on Fox 25 news in Boston this morning,
    You all did a great job with the interview!
    I think what your doing is GREAT!
    Just subscribed to your blog.
    Look forward to reading it!
    Good Luck, Be Safe & Most of All, have a BLAST!
    Best regards,

  5. When you do make it to Alaska, visit Seward & call me! I have no plans to go anywhere this summer!
    ~Elizabeth Fackler a.k.a (Beth Johnston)

  6. You have a beautiful family. Dont ever take them, or your time together, for granted, sweety. It can all be taken away in an instant. We have so little control of our destiny. You know the old saying, We plan, God laughs. We must make plans, it would be folly not to, of course, and prepare for long, happy lives, and prepare our kids for the same prospects, and hope it all works out. It usually does, for the most part, if we are very lucky, and do our homework and prepare. Lets be in touch, DAVE

  7. How exciting and how I envy you. Your impatience in getting started and the crappy economy will soon be items of the past and you will be on your way – and I will follow your blog. Think of Barbara and me as your anchors in NJ.


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