And We’re Mobile

“When I’m driving free, the world’s my home, when I’m mobile”

We are currently  in Fayetteville, N.C. It is 7am and for the first time I am walking Daisy in a tee shirt and sandals.  We left Maine 10 days ago. One week too late as the October snow storm made for some frigid nights in this uninsulated RV.  Fortunately, Daisy gives off as much heat as a down comforter!

The first week of our journey was spent  in Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia  with family and friends. This proved to be  more or less of  a mini vacation as we were spoiled with some delicious home-cooked meals, entertainment and gracious hospitality. We so do appreciate being welcome with open arms.  We ventured out on some great fall nature walks and visited the science museum in Richmond. Fittingly enough,  the IMAX was showing the Lewis and Clark documentary. We are all looking forward to hiking part of that trail once we are out west.

Bri and I are learning the tips and tricks of being full time RVers…..thanks to mishaps, mistakes and helpful advice from the experts we meet at truck stops, parking lots and campgrounds.  We’ve experienced a few  incidents along the way……faulty bicycle rack (luckily we noticed it before we hit the highway, no wonder people were giving us strange looks at stop lights), a  loose tail light (luckily the wires were strong enough to hold it on, who knows how long it was dangling from the truck) , one flat RV tire, (luckily we were not cruising down the highway, we were only 20 ft. from our destination) almost running out of fuel, (luckily there was a gas station right off our exit, even though I barely made the turn and had traffic temporarily backed up on the off ramp),  the RV gas leak detector going off all night, (luckily there was actually no leak, just a finicky battery)  and a mouse deciding it wanted to come along for the ride (luckily, from what we can tell it was not a fertile female).  I guess you could say luck is on our side.

We are currently at our very first campground of the trip. It’s quite a different camping experience than we are used to.  No tents to set up,  no water to fetch, no coolers to keep packed with ice, no hoofing it to the bathroom in the middle of the night and no backache in the morning from sleeping on roots and rocks.  It is quite luxurious!

Our goal is to limit travel time to roughly 6 hours weekly. By planning to stay in one place 5-6 days at a time, it will reduce the percentage of our budget that is actually going directly into the gas tank.

Driving thus far has been  a bit hairy at times,  mostly when we are in unfamiliar territory off of the main roads. I’m always nervous that we’ll encounter a low bridge without ample warning…..guess I gotta get over that!   Nevertheless, I still ask for a little safety guidance from my higher being each time we head out, whether it’s me behind the wheel or Bri.

As for the work and schooling piece, it’s slowly coming together.  We’ll establish more of a routine once we get to Charleston South Carolina where we will be house/pet sitting through Thanksgiving. There will be lots to do there as the city was recently voted the number one place to visit in the U.S.

19 thoughts on “And We’re Mobile

  1. The Dunn’s are off and running. Yay. It’s amazing to imagine you all out there doing such cool things…

  2. I have bookmarked your page and am very excited to watch your family have some great adventures. I think this is a wonderful thing that you are doing for your family. These are the memories that will last a lifetime. So envious of you!!! Have a safe and exciting trip!

  3. Thanks for choosing Lazy Acres Campground on you stop over in Fayetteville North Carolina. I know you and your family will have a great adventure, and am glade we were able to played a small part in it. Have a safe tripe


  4. Yaayy!! I’m so excited for you guys – and remember, the mishaps are just as important as the exclamation points in the memories you are building. You learn from them all – but I will be sure to cast some protection energy out for you. 😉 Love the pics, too Xxo!!

  5. What a great start to your trip! Love the pictures, thanks. You have more than enough karma (Rvma?) to guide safely through the occasional “mishap”.


  6. I wish I could do something like this. I am so jealous! 😀 Hope you all are having fun. The pictures came out nice. They’ll be great to keep as you guys get older. Keep having great adventures guys! I check everyday(:

  7. Congratulations! It’s happening!!!!! Love and positive energy to you and your pack. Let me know next time you’re heading through Philly….we still need to see a Rusted Root show, mama! xoxo

  8. you all are my heros and I cannot wait to spoil you a bit when you hit the PNW! There are some wonderful places for you to see along the way but there will be beauty waiting for you when you get here….along with good beer and food!!!
    Love to all, Tee

  9. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! I wish we’d had the guts to do it when we were young! Derek is no longer working at the bar. His address and phone number are correct though. Happy trails! Love you.

  10. Congratulations on making your dream come true. Just remember that the wild critters are to stay outside the RV! And don’t forget to disconnect any tubes and wires before you leave a campsite. Great fun reading about your adventure.
    Barbara Roskin

  11. That growling you hear is my envy manifesting itself altho reading your blog is ALMOST (but not quite) like being there myself – hahahahaha. Enjoy every inch of your travels.

    Sheldon R.

  12. hiya mercy! i already miss you. say hi to everybody for me:) ps don’t forget to send a postcard from wyoming! luv, elli

    yo! cool! hi everybody you must be having a great time!. ps i would like a postcard from route 66 thanks! love arlo

  13. cool pics! wasn’t expecting those. tan, that bridge looks like the one out by your house, where we rode bikes one day to the park…are you sure you’ve left maine??

  14. You needed Gypsy to take care of that mouse!! You’ll be expert RVers in no time. Enjoy!!

    Love, Nana

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