Food plus Fun equals New Orleans!

On January 14 we went to New Orleans. It was awesome! We did lots of cool stuff. First when we got there after finally finding somewhere to park for the day, we went in some cool little shops on the way to a cafe in the French Quarter for beignets, (pronounced ben-yays.) They were so delicious! We ordered four orders of three, which was to many to eat because they were huge! So we ate the other ones for dessert that night.

When we left the cafe we took a street car to the Garden District. The street car was fun. It was sort of like a trolly but it ran on a track like a train, and was attached to a wire that powered it. The Garden District is an area with all really old houses and some of them are said to be haunted, which really freaked me out. We saw the house Anne Rice’s family lived in. It was really big and creepy but cool at the same time.

Then we went to the Lafayette Cemetery which was also in the Garden District. In one of the burial chambers that a family was buried in had someone buried in the late 1800s and the last person was buried in 2010.

After the cemetery we took the street car back to the French Quarter for lunch\dinner . On the way back we saw four guys break-dancing and doing really cool tricks. They were amazing and funny, (I thought they were going to badly injure themselves!) After that we went into the French Market. There were lots of souvenirs and tee-shirts at little shops. On the other side of the French Market there were small little stands where you could get food at. We all split a muffuletta (muff-uh-lot-uh) and a po-boy. The muffuletta is a huge round sandwich that has salami, ham, cheese, and an olive salad. The po-boy is more like a sub. They were both good but I liked the muffuletta a little bit better.

As we were eating at the park a big parade came by. At first we didn’t no what it was for but then we realized it was a wedding. The streets were all blocked off so no cars or people could walk on the street until the parade was done.

After we had our lunch we went over to see the Mississippi River. Did you know that during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the Mississippi River flooded most of Louisiana but didn’t hit the French Quarter that bad because it was built higher than the river. Then finally after all the fun we had, it was back to the car. On the way to the car, I decided I wanted to look for a tee-shirt so we once again went back to the French Market. Most of them were all adult size but then we found a store that had kids too. I didn’t like any of the kids, I only liked the adults. So then we went to the car again and went back to the campground we were currently staying at.

4 thoughts on “Food plus Fun equals New Orleans!

  1. Great job, Mercy – brains and beauty … can’t go wrong there! Loved your Alabama poem too, by the way …. 😉
    And yes, I agree … I’d like a BIG bite of that sandwich as well! Lol
    Have fun and keep writing!

  2. That sandwich you are biting into looks good. Yum!! I am so glad you are getting to see so many interesting things. What’s next??

  3. Great posting, Mercy – it brought back all of our wonderful memories of the time we spent in New Orleans – one of our favorite cities. I remember that virtually all of the graves in the cemeteries are above ground because of the water levels.
    You should have bought an adult tee shirt – and wear it as a nightgown!
    Say HI to Mom, Dad and River

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